My Polish roots shine in my offering of the vast selection of inspired flavour pairings. I like combining luscious buttercreams with delicious layers of fruit, chocolate ganaches, salty pralines, gelées and more. Everything is prepared in house from scratch in small batches. Simple ways, allowing for the emphasis on flavour and for the nutrition to be preserved without dilution, or unnessecary alteration and degradation.

Your commission is an artistic as well as truly gourmet experience.

I create handcrafted wedding cakes, sweet tables, baby cakes, custom  celebration and birthday cakes, decorated cookies and confections, adorned with an array of realistic, edible sugar decorations.
Taking inspiration from your unique florals, interests, decor and style - edible piece of art is designed, art that will be the centerpiece of your reception.

Maria's work has been featured in print and on wedding blog publications including the Wedluxe, Elegant Wedding Magazine, Today's Bride Magazine, The Bridal Affair, Vineyard Bride, The Wedding Ring, Wedding Chicks, Wedding Cake a Design Source (UK), Cake Central Magazine (USA) and more.

Following a career in Landscape Architecture and Design, although my foray into baking, and cake artistry started at a very young age baking with both of my Polish grandmothers. I've decided to open Sweet Avenue Cakery, discovering an unfulfilled in Hamilton niche for European style, quality confections with nutritional focus in mind.

I believe that to create the ultimate sweet masterpiece one must start with a perfectly prepared canvas.

So often we are convinced that sugar and confections are bad for us, so often we struggle and feel guilt over consuming something that, when prepared right, is in fact nourishment. Nutritional focus plays an integrative part in my baking process and selecting the right ingredients is always at the forefront for me.

In the world of fast foods, shelf life prolonging and flavour enhancing additives, I prefer to stay deeply rooted in artisanal traditions and go above and beyond sourcing organic, non-GMO, unprocessed and humanely raised ingredients from small local farms and producers. I always search for suppliers with high quality fresh products and manufacturing ethics.

Once ingredients are selected, I follow traditional artisanal ways of scratch baking. 

Meet the Artist
Maria Weglinski